Soil Developers

Concerned about seeds and pathogens?

All of Stanhope Organics' products are heated and maintained above 60°C for extended periods, making them pathogen and seed free!


Regular Screened


Our regular screened soil developer is loaded with micro and macro nutrients. This manure based material is the perfect way to naturally fertilize your plants and condition your soil. Nutrients will be released all season long and organic matter will help conserve water along the way. Not only will you be nourishing your plants, but the rich, dark, material will be sure to make any colours in your garden pop.


Ultrafine Screened

Our ultrafine screened soil developer is screened twice for ultimate nutrient concentration. Based on our fine screened product, our ultra fine is ideal for planters, pots, and vegetable/garden beds. Use it as a topdressing to give your garden an instant makeover!


Lawn Saver Blend

Our lawn saver blend combines our ultrafine screened product with fine washed sand in a 70%-30% mix. It's ideal for topdressing existing lawns or as a conditioner for  stubborn drainage problem areas in the garden.


Ultrafine 20L Bags

$5/bag or $20/5 bags

20 litre bags filled with our ultrafine screened soil developer for easy travel and storage. Quality, perforated, bags mean you can easily store our soil developer until the next time you need it!